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UPDATE: The game has been released now with centering added to the camera on pressing X, but I'm leaving the post up below as it originally appeared and with the first update. I'll still go back and fix any glitches found and consider implementing suggested improvements to the overall gameplay, though.

Have Flash Player 11.4? Want to try my new game before it's officially released? Here it is!

In retrospect, before I made a processor intensive game relying both on split second player input and Flash's still newish Stage3D abilities, I probably should have not done that at all and made a game that doesn't require precise timing instead.

Yesterday I finished The Ramon Osborn Show game, a 3D puzzle-'em-up platformer based on the show-within-a-show briefly seen in my 2005 cartoon Of the Couch. As far as I can tell, I've gotten it glitch free (enough), but most test players said it lagged too much to play.

So, now I'm trying exporting to Flash Player 11.4 with its new constrained mode for Stage3D. Does it run smoothly enough to be playable?

If so, I intend to release it later today. (This being after midnight, by "today" I mean September 9.) If not, well... uh... I guess I'll still release it and... hopefully it'll be more fun after Flash gets faster.

P.S. Key input sometimes sticks in Firefox. You might not want to use Firefox. If you're unable to run and jump at the same time, you should definitely switch browsers.

UPDATE: In response to negative feedback regarding the camera, I've swapped the secondary camera system with the default one. You can still switch to the default one that nobody likes if you want to. Or maybe nobody liked either one; I'm not certain whether anyone read the instructions. Anyway, if you still don't like the camera system, let me know how you feel I should change it. It would be easy to make it so you can rotate the camera with the keyboard, but I feel the current click-and-drag-with-mouse system allows for more precision. I guess I could include them both. But let me know what you think I should do, yes.

I Made a 3D Flash Game... But Does It Run Fast Enough to Play?

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