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I Made a 3D Flash Game... But Does It Run Fast Enough to Play?

2012-09-09 02:01:10 by NAveryW

UPDATE: The game has been released now with centering added to the camera on pressing X, but I'm leaving the post up below as it originally appeared and with the first update. I'll still go back and fix any glitches found and consider implementing suggested improvements to the overall gameplay, though.

Have Flash Player 11.4? Want to try my new game before it's officially released? Here it is!

In retrospect, before I made a processor intensive game relying both on split second player input and Flash's still newish Stage3D abilities, I probably should have not done that at all and made a game that doesn't require precise timing instead.

Yesterday I finished The Ramon Osborn Show game, a 3D puzzle-'em-up platformer based on the show-within-a-show briefly seen in my 2005 cartoon Of the Couch. As far as I can tell, I've gotten it glitch free (enough), but most test players said it lagged too much to play.

So, now I'm trying exporting to Flash Player 11.4 with its new constrained mode for Stage3D. Does it run smoothly enough to be playable?

If so, I intend to release it later today. (This being after midnight, by "today" I mean September 9.) If not, well... uh... I guess I'll still release it and... hopefully it'll be more fun after Flash gets faster.

P.S. Key input sometimes sticks in Firefox. You might not want to use Firefox. If you're unable to run and jump at the same time, you should definitely switch browsers.

UPDATE: In response to negative feedback regarding the camera, I've swapped the secondary camera system with the default one. You can still switch to the default one that nobody likes if you want to. Or maybe nobody liked either one; I'm not certain whether anyone read the instructions. Anyway, if you still don't like the camera system, let me know how you feel I should change it. It would be easy to make it so you can rotate the camera with the keyboard, but I feel the current click-and-drag-with-mouse system allows for more precision. I guess I could include them both. But let me know what you think I should do, yes.

I Made a 3D Flash Game... But Does It Run Fast Enough to Play?


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2012-09-09 05:53:30

Well, the controls are utterly dreadful, to be honest. The camera is awkward and difficult to use, and the physics leave a lot to be desired (for example, the lack of ability to jump while pressing forwards, making any actual leaping very very difficult). I had no problems with the frame rate, but I won't be playing this unless the core mechanics are addressed.

NAveryW responds:

You're supposed to be able to jump while running but it doesn't work in certain browsers on certain computers and it's not consistent in regards to which. I'm not sure if this is a problem with Flash or something I did wrong that I can't determine.

Do you feel the camera is awkward in both modes (switch with Z), or just the default one?


2012-09-09 08:39:11

terrible controls man, also the 'you dieee' sound is very annoying. congrats on making a 3d game but overall execution is pretty poor. oh and it runs good but i have a gtx 670.. guys with integrated intel chips should test it. my nokia 5800 was pushing a bit better gfx in bounce so maybe it'll run well;)


2012-09-09 09:51:21

The controls aren't horrendous, but could use a little work like others are saying. I get what you were going for with having yourself sort of turn into a run after walking around for a few seconds, but it just doesn't work here. Being able to wiggle a bit if you jump while standing still would be useful too. Other than thought, I felt like it was shaping up pretty well! Reminds me of retro N64/PS1 games, and not just because of the graphics.


2012-09-09 09:53:56

Err, forget my last comment about running...I tend to forget to read instructions...


2012-09-09 11:58:33

it seems to be poorly desigened and the backround is sort of broing and crude sory if this ofefends you


2012-09-09 13:06:54

must've been a bitch to make !


2012-09-09 14:48:43

The second camera mode is better, but still awkward. I recommend, for this sort of game, a hotkey for centring the camera behind the player.
As for the comment on the controls, Flashs listeners are flawed in that sort of regard, so I can't really blame you there (running on Chrome, so you know).


2012-09-09 18:57:39

Ran great. The only thing I didn't like was that pushing things felt too... loose, I guess. Like, you can push the box to the left or right while your pushing it forward. I guess this is ok because it prevents you from having to restart all the time, but, I don't know, it got kind of annoying.

Any way good job. Even after playing this I still don't know what the Raymond Osborn Show is. I've been curious for years.


2012-09-09 19:02:47

Oh, also I liked the auto rotate camera better, but I agree with Hoeloe that there should be a key that centers the camera behind the player.


2012-09-10 07:02:46

YOU DIED!!!! lolwtf?

I can't run it very well, but I don't think my computer is able to do hardware rendering in flash.


2012-09-10 07:22:52

I just learned that you can use a special "Constrained Mode"for stage 3D so that it runs with DX9. This fills in the giant gap they've had so far and should make what you're doing here run on pretty much anything. Might want to look into it? (I know I am, wheee!)

(Updated ) NAveryW responds:

I mentioned constrained mode in the news post; based on the responses I've gotten, it does indeed seem to have made an improvement. Or it's possible the people for whom it still runs too slowly aren't responding. If it still runs slowly for you at this point then... that's... a problem, I guess.

I wish I still had an old computer around the house that worked...


2012-09-14 08:02:10

Playing on a laptop here (Intel Core 2 Duo), and performance-wise it runs fine. I'm not loading either the texture or the model of Raymon though; all I can see is his shadow.


2012-09-18 00:47:00

Lol now I feel dumb. I guess I skimmed your post. :P


2012-09-18 00:50:38

I should say the menu part with him waiving runs smoothly, but the game itself is rather slow.


2013-02-05 12:43:43

I can't past level 1 (100%) because I can't jump and run on the same time, so it's kind of hard to do certain things. Seems it's gonna turn into a great game though, and try to fix that please (jumping and running).


2013-02-05 12:49:59

Oh sorry, on the bright side: Love the music and love the camera.


2013-02-05 12:49:59

Oh sorry, on the bright side: Love the music and love the camera.


2013-02-06 16:13:57

Go back to making YTPs, WalrusGuy.


2013-02-09 08:42:00

Its really good that game, keep going!!


2013-03-13 00:58:34

A bit hard and takes a while to get used to but it's an alright game.


2013-12-21 20:33:16

Does It Run Fast Enough to Play? not on my computer.