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Disney Decides Not to Make Cartoons for TV

Posted by NAveryW - May 13th, 2011

I came across a newspaper article containing the following text:

Walt Disney studios will have invested more than four years and an estimated $4 million by the time their feature length "The Rescuers" is released late next year.

That dedication to the art of animation is why the Disney people never have entered the television field.

"We can't do our kind of stuff in that medium," explains Don Duckwell, head of animation at Disney. "Sure, we like to get our work in front of people any way we can, but economics prevents it. Actually, Walt decided many years ago that we would not take shortcuts in our animation, and we feel that's still the best way to operate."

I commend Disney's decision, though it's a shame to find out that I must have hallucinated DuckTales.

Comments (18)

Good, most of their TV cartoons sucked anyway. I would much rather see them create movies instead so that they can really show their true art talent.

lol the head of animatoin @ disney is called donald duckwell

Dude, that article was from 1976... Things change, and Duck Tales was kick-ass, so we should be happy they changed their minds :)

Oh wait, durp old article is old. The disney TV cartoons back in those days were fucking awesome. Now a days... its filled with boy bands.

It's better that way but hey sometimes you just gotta pay the bills, eh?

You forgot Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers, Tailspin and Darkwing Duck.

-- Goof Troop and Gargoyles. Now all their cartoons are made in Flash and tweened to death. 80% of the teenagers on here animate better.

Jazz..you are not lying. Kim Possible was their last good cartoon.

Or they're made in some shitty 3d program without any shaders at all.
Also tweened.

too made we cant travel into the past and make the rescuers the hit they hoped it would've been, then they wouldn't have had to sell out and make tv shows to make ends meetl.

Meh, Disney never had good cartoons anyway. 90's Nickelodeon was the best any cartoon channel ever was!

No fuck wait the stuff they had before the 00's was awesome.

o boy here we go with the nostalgic battles... ;)

I have pretty given up all hope on the former cartoon stations. Disney is mostly about retarded sitcoms and tween boy bands. Cartoon Network created CN Real (shouldn't that be an oxymoron?) and are now resorting to reviving franchises that should remain dead (Scooby Doo, Looney Toons). And Nickelodeon..... Supah Ninjas..... are you fucking serious? The only thing I can stomach now is Adult Swim and South Park and even they are starting to lose it. Face it, the golden age of cartoons is dead. No wait, the golden age of cartoons was actually brutally gang raped by the studios then lit on fire and attacked by rabid weasels.

"Walt decided many years ago that we would not take shortcuts in our animation, and we feel that's still the best way to operate."
Queue up montage of all the rotoscoping and recycled animation Disney has done in their films since the very beginning.

They just take shortcuts in their story lines instead, lol...

Don Duckwell? Excuse me?

I don't know why y'all be hating. Most of Disney Channel is pretty lame now, yes, but their cartoons are one of the things they're consistently good at. Haven't you guys seen "Phineas and Ferb" or "Fish Hooks"?